Dona Nobis Pacem - Year 2

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, November 06, 2008

Can you believe it has been two years since Mimi had a vision - staring at the one blue marble in the bowl of her granddad's marbles?

If you have never read this wonderful post, you can find it truly is inspirational.

This year, we celebrate the Second Anniversary of the BLOGBLAST FOR PEACE, two days after the USA has elected a new President. A truly monumental day in the history of our great country. The first person of color will be inaugurated on January 20, 2009.

Today, hundreds of people from all over the globe will fly their PEACE GLOBES with pride and dignity. All of these people, strangers for the most part...many with nothing in common...except they were brought together by one woman, one thought, one marble and two years later there are peace Globes flying in 44 countries on this big blue marble we call home.


This was a contentious campaign and election. There is still a great number of people in this country who have decided they will not put aside their personal feelings and work to make our country better.

Yesterday, I tried to extend an olive branch on the bloggosphere and had my hand chewed at....It seems that some have no intent on allowing President-elect Obama the chance to become a President for all. OH well...

This year, I went looking for a quote some weeks back and the one I am using today was one that made the final cut of three.

I was not sure why I kept it...I read the words and thought 'why would you not pick the open hand?'. Then I read it as I know some might that "We are going to meet even if we HAVE to fight". That was not the message I wished to communicate to the world today.

A conundrum of a whole different sort that would be...indeed!

Then, Tuesday evening as I watched the different stations and the events unfold I knew this was the globe I was going to fly high today.

The quote is from the great American writer/poet/twice Nobel Prize recipient; Carl Sandburg.

With everything that has transpired over the last 10 weeks, it became the only quote to use.

I feel like the citizens of the United States Of America made a decision that diplomacy not force is the order of the day. A new strategy for our overseas diplomacy. A new course for our country.

Diplomacy, the extending of a hand in friendship - Force, the approaching arm raised.

Diplomacy, the use of words to negotiate - Force, the endless loss of life with little hope in sight.

Diplomacy, a choice made by the wise man no matter the leader - Force, the path taken by those too bitter to accept.

click to enlarge

For the last two years we have tried to get a page on wikipedia regarding PEACE GLOBES and the BLOGBLAST FOR PEACE, and each time we have been shot down by those who 'run' that site. We have been told it is frivolous and without merit. Yet, they find reasons to allow "Talk Like A Pirate Day" to be listed...It makes me shake my head in wonder...

We will continue trying to get it listed...never give up!

Just the other day the thought went through my mind "gee lifelogger has been real stable recently"....JINX! The site has been down for at least two days! LOL

So I went back through some posts and grabbed this...Actually, it was used last year on the first anniversary of BLOGBLAST FOR PEACE and the words seem even more appropriate today!.

39 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. An excellent choice for today.

    As to Wiki, perhaps we should all talk like pirates for peace?

    Peace me matey! Argh!

  3. TopChamp Says:
  4. Much as I love Talk Like A Pirate Day and fully support its inclusion in any online encyclopedia, I wish you the best of luck with the campaign.

    If you're worrying about extending a hand to the old bigot I think you are then I'm bemused as to why you'd bother. I think it must just be the American respect for elders/military thing. I sometimes go to read to baffle myself with how odd a person can be.

    Happy Peace Day.

    (My globe's a bit thrown together at the last minute but I wanted to participate anyway.)

  5. Lizza Says:
  6. Those folks at Wikipedia sure are funny, aren't they? All sorts of funny.

    Have a peaceful, fun day, Bond!

  7. Dr. A Says:
  8. Great Sandburg quote. Peace!

  9. TRAVIS: Thank you Sir...and I would rather they change! LOL

    TOPCHAMP: Happy Peace Day Ma'am

    LIZZA: In a weird funny sort of way...
    Happy Peace

  10. Just a hgreat post, top to bottom. Love the globe. Peace to you and those you love, my friend...

  11. peace back at you bond. and as to whether obama will by my president or not, your question is a good one. but the answer is up to him, not me. i will wait and see. with an open mind.

    smiles, bee

  12. bond, it's completely inappropriate that anyone tried to bite your hand off.

    At the same time, the bashing of Republicans and McCain supporters is out of line too.

    It is going to be interesting to see what Obama and his group can do to try and unite both sides.

  13. BUD: Thank you Sir and peace to you

    BEE: The open mind is what is needed Ms. Bee...but some of the things you have said recently do not show one at all.

    RWA: I agree Sir. I know we are on the opposite side of the bench on some things, but you have NEVER shown the hate or nastiness that has been evident the last 10 weeks and I thank you.
    I support your right to have your own opinions. I encourage that right. What I do not support is the nastiness.

  14. Julie Says:
  15. Man oh man! You got me all goosebumpy Vinny! What a song!

    "If you're not part of the future then get outta the way!"

    May the spirit of peace take over!

  16. Mimi Lenox Says:
  17. I started crying the minute I read and realized that two years ago we started this vision and that two years ago I met you - and so many others - to become real friends, not just blog friends.
    Those first peace bloggers are forever tethered to my heart.

    "We are going to meet even if we HAVE to fight" sent chills down my spine. But I am hopeful. And I will not stop extending the branch with all of you.

    Julie said this post was goosebumpy and she is right. And speaking of goosebumps? As Obama was elected the 44th President of the US,I received the 44th peace globe - from Zimbabwe.
    Phewww! I don't think so.

    I believe in blue marbles...

  18. Mimi Lenox Says:
  19. Did I say what an incredible post this is? Saying it....

    Peace and hugs to you and Nancy.

  20. Tug Says:
  21. Peace my friend...awesome song!

  22. Dianne Says:
  23. "talk like pirates for peace" - I love Travis

    As for you - Mr. Olive Branch Hand Extender

    I feel like I keep sounding mushy here but - well I'll mush away.

    I want a better future for our children and their children and I'm willing to do almost anything to bring us together - I often get frustrated and really want to 'smack' a few people. As I travel through the interwebs I keep seeing the same few people leaving the same less than gracious comments and I have resisted the inclination to respond or to visit their places - in great part due to the restraint and goodness of people like you.

    You set a fine example Vinny

    And I'm proud to call you my peaceful friend.


  24. peace y'all, as I said to travis mine was a simple attempt to express my point of view and cool some tempers, apparently I failed.

    In his post Travis said: We must embrace our differences and listen to each other. We must come together and heal.

    Did you pass that test?

  25. OBLadyBug Says:
  26. Incredible post my love. Happy Peace Day!

  27. JULIE: TY ma'am...I think the song was more appropriate this year then last.

    MIMI: TY for your kind words...Just showing you the globe without the reason for it was not the fairest thing I could have done! LOL

    You are a true friend. HUGS

    TUG: And peace to you and thanks

    DIANNE: I will continue to try and find a level ground - there has to be one.

    SARGE: I don't think so with your globe Sir...I believe I have passed that test. I was never nasty toward the other candidates. I was never nasty to anyone with an opinion that differed from mine.

    i asked questions and listened to responses.

    Did you pass Sir?

    NANCY: Thank you darlin' safe on your trip. KISS

  28. katherine. Says:
  29. keep trying the Wiki entry...there is nothing frivolous about Mimi' Peace efforts.

    although more people do talk like pirates on that

    great globe!

  30. katherine. Says:
  31. and while not so peaceful....I am seriously asking what you mean by:

    "some have no intent on allowing President-elect Obama the chance to become a President for all"

  32. KATHERINE: We will keep trying...for sure...and what i meant was that there are those people who will fight him every step of the way...fight every policy...fight every attempt to make changes...and all because he was not their candidate.

  33. Maybe not, I did make an effort, maybe I will try again......

  34. katherine. Says:
  35. thanks for the explanation reads a little more serious.

    and...maybe...most of the people who fight him...and his policies...and so because they truly don't agree with them.

    to be fair...if the election had gone to McCain...there would be just as many vowing not to be supportive.

    I think you gotta allow for the disappointment and give the time for the opposition to see what Obama will do in the first year.

    side not:
    Interesting appointment

  36. Travis Cody Says:
  37. If the other guy had won...we fill our lives with "if this, then this" statements.

    For me, the bottom line is that the country has made a choice. And now there is work to do.

    To me, embracing our differences does not mean embracing our assumptions about each other. It means truly listening, and working with each other rather than shouting each other down. It's not about "you" anymore. It needs to be about "us".

    Idealism yes...and I don't apologize for it.

    It's fine to take a wait and see attitude. It allows everyone to settle down. I too must wait and see about this new administration. I don't know what's going to happen any more than any other citizen. Voting for President-Elect Obama did not give me a window into the future.

    I agree with his vision for America. I voted for him. But it can't end there. This is where the real work begins.

    But I am ready to work in support of my hope for a better future. And I expect all Americans, regardless of their own beliefs, to step up and participate in building that future. I don't want to see people in opposition simply because this is not the candidate they voted for. That solves nothing and only increases bitterness and divisiveness.

    Mr Obama has stated that he needs all of our help and that he wants to be President for all Americans. Give him that chance and help him do it. Don't work for his failure, work for OUR success as a nation.

    Thanks for the discussion Vinny. I'm a little fired up.

  38. SARGE: Please tell me what you mean. I am not sure I understand, honestly.

    All I am prepared to do is work hard to ensure the future of OUR country.

    I would have done the same if Senator McCain had won, working for OUR future by supporting the President and communication my opinions in a level-headed manner.

    No name calling...

  39. KATHERINE: When you asked the question, I saw the way it might have been taken.

    I hope the disappointment wears off and everyone takes the road together.

    I have just read too many people already giving up...the claims of "where is my money" has become tiresome. No one promised money...the promise was for a more distribution of wealth by means of tax changes. The money you earn will be more for you to one has offered free money.

    TRAVIS: You are continuing to use the words that are in my brain.

    Anyone who presumes this would have been a quick fix for Senator McCain is foolish, as it will not be a quick fox for Senator/President-elect Obama.

  40. Jay Says:
  41. I've already gotten a couple of emails today that tell me that there are definitely some people not willing to move and come together. But, hopefully that is a small group and there are going to be a good number of people who didn't vote for Obama that are willing to give him a chance. We should focus on those people and make sure they get credit for that.

  42. Anonymous Says:
  43. That is such a great quote, so true! and Wiki must be out of their minds. Deny peace? *muttering things*

    I'm so sorry to read that there has been some things going on in the blogosphere too. I had no idea. *sigh*


  44. well bond i am disappointed in your answer. i feel that is what is to come too. sad sad sad. sorry you feel that way. peace to you anyhow bond. peace anyhow.


  45. j Says:
  46. Excellent Blogblast post. It is... humbling?... to venture around Blogland today and see SO many bloggers posting the same theme... PEACE. It gives one hope, you know?

    Wishing you a peace filled day.

  47. JAY: Excellent decision Sir...We can only embrace those who allow us to

    LIFE: Peace to you also!

    BEE: I am totally confused. What answer are you talking about bee? I have only been fair and open...I am totally confused. Sorry

    JENNIFER: Humbling is a perfect word. PEACE

  48. Lovely post, Vinny and I am so glad Melloncamp's state came through for him =)

    Here is something I think both sides have to accept. We have more common grounds than differences.

    That said name calling based on race, religion, sex or sexual orientation is hate. Pure and simple. We are all created equal.

  49. Excellent post, Vinny! Peace and love to you and yours today! :)

  50. Meribah Says:
  51. It's really sad how small and petty some people can get, isn't it? Here's hoping they have their eyes opened to their childishness really soon!
    As for Wikipedia's claims: pffft! The Peace Globe phenomenon may be relatively new, but it's hardly frivolous or without merit.
    Peace to you and yours! :)

  52. Ralph Says:
  53. Never can shake hands with a clenched fist. Peace at large can only exist if we are at peace ourselves. We teach our kids peace, if we practice it as parents. Your kids will pass it on, the best kind of contagious infection: PEACE

  54. Angell Says:
  55. The chumps over at Wiki are too busy making sure they've got all the correct details for Britney's page. Asshats.

    Wonderful globe Vinny,and excellent post.

    HUGS to you and yours.

  56. RW Says:
  57. Peace to you and yours Vin! And a great weekend!

  58. Lu' Says:
  59. Peace and thanks for the smile...

  60. Anonymous Says:
  61. Sending Love and Peace to you and yours across the ocean, Vinny!

    Remember 2 Blogblast for Peace 2 years ago? That's the first time we met :-) I will be forever thankful!


  62. Sorry I haven't been around. Peace to you, my peace-seeking friend.


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